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Resuming Normalcy!

Well it only took a week to recover from Halloween and I am now able to go back to having a normal life!! I hate to say that I despise Halloween because I don’t actually but I do hate how much of my life gets totally screwed by it. After checking my hours I realized that I worked 2 weeks all in the space of one! Yup 70 hours were put in during Halloween week!


So now I am getting back to normal and am enjoying life again!! The good news around our house is this…my darling hubby has found a job!!! He also is starting the day before my birthday!! I really couldn’t ask for a better birthday present! It cracks me up inside because the other day I was talking with one of our Santas at work who knew that my birthday was coming up and asked what I wanted for my birthday…I know that sounds a bit daffy but I work in the costume business so trust me that it is normal. I really wanted to ask Santa to give my husband a job for my birthday but figured that was not really a possibility, so instead I said I wanted some god luck for a change. That night I came home to find out that he had been offered a job in the mail room of one of the larger banks in the area. *sigh* So Santa answered my birthday wish without me even having to say all of the words!!! So yes my dear friends I do believe in Santa!!

Also I have a new little girl who has moved in…

She had a bit of a rocky start here… the day that she moved in… we kind of hit rock bottom financially so she immediately had to go up for adoption again. But we lucked out and now that we see a light at the end of the tunnel, she gets to stay!! I adopted her from Carmen, a wonderful Twitter/Flickr Blythe friend! She was customized by Val… who also did my Sydney, and has a haircut by Squirrel Junkie. So life is again getting back to normal around here… and we are all feeling a bit better now that Halloween is over and we can see the light at the end of the tunnel… If you have an idea for a name for my new little one… please leave a comment!

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Busy, busy, busy

The launch of my etsy shop has been a pretty good success! I hope that everyone has checked it out! I’m trying to update it at least every 2 weeks with new items! We’ll see how that goes with my busiest month of the year coming up at work!

Yes, my dear readers… For those who didn’t know, I run a professional costume shop! Which means from now until November I will be crazy busy with Halloween! So if you don’t hear from me on twitter or flickr fir the next 5 weeks, it’s because I’m buried under a mountain of costumes!

Once I survive this I do hope to go back to posting on a regular basis… At least I have good intentions! So hope you are all well and see you on the flip side!

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I’m such a slacker…

I promised myself that I would write the whole story of our wedding… you can see how far that has got me… to day 2. But I will and just archive it at some point. Right now I’m just too excited about our latest Goodwill find!!

Yesterday Matt and I headed to Goodwill, not because we really were looking for anything in particular, mainly just to browse. Although there are always things that newlyweds need. We’d love a coffee table but aren’t looking to spend tons of course! That and Matt’s favorite tea mug handle broke off the other night. We were both very sad as it was a gift from me on our first Valentine’s together. So we are wandering around through the dish section and spotted a bag  of yellow tea mugs with saucers in it. Then we saw a second bag with the matching dinner plates, bowls and dessert plates. We took a look at the pattern and fell in love with it.

We bought the whole set of the dishes and were excited that all 30 pieces, (it is a service of 6) cost a total of $9.99! We both dream of turning our kitchen into a 70;s dream kitchen. Having been born in the 70’s this is the kind of stuff we grew up with.

It wasn’t until we got home that we learned more about the dishes. They were produced by Mikasa for only 1 year, 1974-1975 designed by Ben Seibel  and are quite the rare item. The official pattern is Mikasa Duplex Duet #2501. From checking ebay and a few other places we have learned that just got about $200- $300 worth of 70’s dishes and all because I like the color yellow and Matt needed a tea mug. Just goes to remind all of us that you can’t forget to check out Goodwill and thrift stores for hard to find items. Now if I could just find a Kenner Blythe at Goodwill.

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The wedding… Day 2.

Day two of the wedding started off okay. Matt had to work and I was off. With all the trauma from the night before you would think I was able to get some sleep but I was still up at a reasonable hour. I did the usual routine and got ready for the day. I had some small things still to get ready for the wedding, such as to make my wedding veil. So I sat and had a cup of coffee and did that while checking in with Mom and my cousin Steph at the hotel as well as the hospital. My godmother was still pretty out of it from what we could understand so we were trying to figure out how to get my mother and cousin on to a bus so that they could get in to Philly. This seriously is one of the few times when I actually wish I had a car and a license. But alas they got to understand how it is for me and millions of others to use mass transit.

Of course my mother has no patience and doesn’t listen to what I tell her about bus schedules… so she called a cab. $80 later, she calls me from the hospital in Philadelphia. Thankfully by that time I was already headed in to the city to meet up with my father. I stopped very quickly at the hospital to say hello rescue my cousin from the hospital to go with me to pick up my father and his girlfriend. This was one of the many other stresses living inside of me… my parents have not been in the same room since their divorce was finalized my senior year of high school. Steph and I hopped a cab to cross the city, Dad and Terry were arriving at 30th Street Station in West Philly and I was already running behind from stopping at the hospital. And for the first time in over 24 hours, a form of transit arrived on time! So poor Dad was waiting for me for 30 minutes because traffic in the city on a Friday is retarded, always.

We arrived at the train station and there were hugs! There was no drama!! I was so happy to just hug my dad and not have to call an ambulance!

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The Brass Cupcake

I’m happy to announce that on this past Friday the 19th, I received my very own copy of The Brass Cupcake by John Macdonald. If you love the 50’s style noir writing, detective stories or just guys who talk out of the side of their mouth; then this is a book for you.

I started reading it on Saturday on my way to work and finished it on Monday night on the way home. I ride the bus, I don’t drive right now, so this is when the reading happens. It’s a fast paced book, even when fighting against the retro language. I loved it! But I also got to learn what a “real” brass cupcake is, a police badge. I prefer my version.

Last night I also got my jewelry order from Tizzalicious on Etsy!! The most awesome brass cupcake necklace and earrings all the way from Denmark! I should have asked for a longer chain, but thankfully I had a gold rope chain sitting in my jewelry box that I could use.

I have also been furiously working on changing the eye chips in my Blythe clone, Ethel. She’s a Basaak clone; which is one of the better quality clones. Her chips were not only over glued in, but the white if the eye was beveled over the chips. Hubs had to help with drilling her eyes out. Now I am scraping and sanding the remainder of her stock eye chips out. A painful process if you’re a Blythe, so I’ve not let the other girls in the kitchen for fear they won’t let me work on them.

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A little intro…

A little about me… tomorrow I will have been married for 3 weeks. Although my family doesn’t know that I’m married… here’s the back story. I got engaged to the love of my life September 20th, 2009. He wanted to get married in 10 days, which actually was my fault. I had a dream the previous night that we were engaged and had 10 days to plan my wedding. Sometimes he has a sick sense of humor. So we started planning the wedding, a Day of the Dead, retro wedding picnic. Just a few themes going on there.

We got all the way to January before I gave in to his idea of a courthouse wedding… January 26th, 2010 is our official wedding date, now. But we are still having the Day  of Dead retro wedding picnic. And that is when hubs will get to meet the rest of my family for the first time.  My mom has been out here to visit and has met hubby but the rest of the family hasn’t. The rest of the family consist of:

  • The Duke- my father
  • Babs- my mother
  • Goober- my brother
  • Trina- brother’s fiancée
  • Banana- my niece

These are the people who I will occasionally write about.  As well as the last 3 months and 14 days until the white wedding. We have tons of it done already but a lot still to go and a minuscule budget. Of course I will also be writing about my daily little life here in New Jersey/ Philadelphia. And as I am an avid cook, rarely making things out of a box, there will be recipes too. As well as just my general thoughts about being a bit of a pin-up girl in a modern world. Hope that you enjoy the rambling of a brass cupcake…

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