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More pretty ladies!

So last week I went on a little bit of a pattern bender and found these 5 ladies who all screamed that they needed to be in my collection. And lucky me, they all showed up on the same day! What a treat to open those packages and see how beautiful they are! All of my amazing coworkers drooled over them also since they also sew everyday and all day. The 3 Printed Patterns have not even been taken out of the factory folds yet! I’m so excited to pick out fabrics for these ladies. 

I’ve got a few fabrics on the way, but I haven’t decided which fabric for which dress yet…

Dark grey Chambray

Red/ Black/ Rust plaid lining

Navy challis

Navy/ Red/ White striped lining

The chambray would be better for a structured dress with little pops of the lining showing in the details.  However the challis will be great for draping and the flow of the skirt.  Let me know what you would choose.

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A new gem on the way…

Fashion is a funny thing to me, everyone is looking for the newest thing, and I seem to be heading backwards more and more. And yet I find that I am happier than ever with the choices I make about my style.  I enjoy so much dressing like a lady.

I recently found this beauty on eBay and anxiously awaiting it’s arrival so I can add to my me-made vintage wardrobe.  Now comes the fun of choosing the right fabric.

Also to add to my vintage touch I have recently added some new glasses. They are a little more cat eye than I have done before, which made me a bit nervous but I am happy with them.

Happy daylight savings friends! 

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Madalynne Interview

The past few months have been filled with time behind my sewing machine and very little documentation of the work that I have been doing. But at the beginning of this week I received a little shout out from a new sewing friend. Maddie Flanigan of Madalynne.com interviewed me about my experiences as a costume seamstress going all the way back to my first sewing project when I was 8 years old and forward to now as the General Manager of Pierre’s Costumes. It was a wonderful afternoon filled with sewing geek talk of favorite machines and sewing details. Thank you again Maddie and I look forward to a good talk again soon outside of the shop!

Photo by Maddie Flanigan

Photo by Maddie Flanigan

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A New Year and some new projects.

So I know that I don’t use my blog to the best of it’s ability and I only have myself to blame for that. But in my own defense, doing two 365 projects back to back take up a lot of creative energy and more than I could have imagined for also keeping a blog up to date.

So this year I am not doing a 365 days of Blythe project… I am doing a monthly sewing challenge that I am setting for myself.  I will be sewing something for myself, specifically for my own wardrobe every month, while keeping a journal of my design inspirations as well as notes of how I change a pattern, fabrics chosen, etc.  And of course my other goal is to blog about each project.

For January, I chose to sew a dress from a vintage pattern, Advance #8213 which is from the 1950’s. I bought the pattern over a year ago and just had not found the right fabric for it until late fall of 2013 and just now got around to cutting it out and sewing it together.

I chose a black with red pin stripe and then red buttons with a bit of vintage flair to them. I think that this will be quite fun with my red hair.

Buttons! Almost Finished

Now I am ready to start patterning out my next project for February…

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Fun new things!

Since I have been so happy with my summer rose dress I took the plunge recently and found a new to me vintage dress pattern in my size! I’m so excited to test it out!


This is Advance pattern 8213 which has all of the pieces with 1 teeny tiny tear which was taped when it was first purchased. All in all a great design to wear this summer. Now to hit the fabric shop!

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McCall’s Complete Book of Dressmaking

I have been taken in with the recent success of sewing for myself again! So now that the bug is back I have picked up my trusty copy of McCall’s Complete Book of Dressmaking published in 1951.


This book reviews not only technique but also how to chose a pattern which works best with your body shape and how to adjust a pattern for your sizing.

It also has fun adorable little notes and reminders such as to take it slow and keep a neat sewing box! Gosh I love these old books!




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Summer Rose dress

I was super thrilled that today was warm enough to wear the dress I just completed yesterday! Hooray for a warm spring happening!

Here is a quick shot I begged a coworker to take this morning of me in my new dress!


The pattern makes the skirt about mid calf length which for me is a bit too long for my short legs, so I did remove 5 inches from the bottom.

Overall I loved how easy it was to adapt for using a knit fabric and skipping the zipper so I do see quite a few of these dresses in my future.

And I think it pairs pretty well with a cardigan for those cooler mornings.


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Trying to get back in the swing of things

Since the new year I have been absolutely swamped at work… Sewing til there have been holes in my fingers! But I finally got a little break and was able to do some sewing for myself!


I have been hoarding this pattern for a few years and finally found the fabric I wanted to use for it this past month while out shopping for Spamalot! With summer coming up, a fun floral seemed perfect!


The dress went together well even though I threw the directions out the window! Now I need a day warm enough and sunny to take a pic and show you!

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