365 things I am grateful for…

As 2012 comes to a close I had decided many things…

1. I have loved doing my 365 with Chai, my T42 blythe doll. I will do another one with Perique my Rosie Red blythe I adopted in January.

2. Life is stressful. Work is stressful. But you can’t let those things take over. And so that I do not lose sight of the good stuff I am making a gratitude journal. A place where I will write down 1 thing per day which put a smile on my face or made me feel special.



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Halloween Card Tutorial

So a dear friend of mine recently saw some of the cards I put together for my staff for Halloween, and asked me for a tutorial. They may look super pretty or fancy, but trust me dear friends, if you made it through kindergarten, you can do this.

First I always suggest you gather your supplies. Today I have: 1 sheet of scrapbook paper, black and white stripes, scissors, white glue, a spare 5×7 envelope, paint swatch cards, pencil, rubber stamp, black stamp pad, and scrapbook chips, and   borders.

I start by folding the scrapbook paper in half and then placing the envelope on top to size how big I want to make the card. See how the bottoms do not line up. This ensure that when I mark the top of the card, there will be room for it to slide in the envelope easily.

Draw a straight line across the top of the envelope in pencil to cut the top of the card. That way you can also erase a little if you aren’t the best at cutting on the line.

After you have cut the card to the desired height to fit in the envelope, double check that it slides in easily. As you can see here, my card is still too wide to fit the envelope I have chosen. So I will mark the side line of the envelope and cut that as well.

Yay! Now my card fits! And the top of the envelope will close easily. I have made it just a tiny bit more narrow than the envelope so that after I glue the decorations on top it will still close easily.

So because this is halloween inspired I need a little orange… Here I have chosen a nice orange slice paint swatch to put in the center of my card. You can also use a different scrap book paper or even construction paper.

Using the top of another paint swatch I drew a line to cut off the top of the swatch which said the color name. Because let’s be honest, who really needs to know that this is a paint swatch you picked up at the store for free.

Cut that bit off the top and using the white school glue, smack it down. I got lucky with using paper with lines on it and was able to just line it up, but you may want to use a ruler.

Now here is the fun part, LAYOUT! As I have already made 10 cards for my staff, I am running low on the fun little chips I picked up for Halloween at the craft store. But I do have this awesome skully stamp! Test out a few positions for each item and decide what you like best.

These chips are double sided. One side with a little glitter and one side is flat. So using just a little glue we are gonna place this on the card. Here you can see I really do mean just a little glue. The nice thing about scrap book papers is that most of them are a little thicker and can handle the glue with out warping.

Now all of my chips are glued down and it is time to double check the placement of my stamp.

Test out your stamp on regular paper first to see how it looks and to make sure you know how much pressure to use on it. The less pressure, the lighter the color of the stamp.

Place the card on a firm surface, and stamp it! You now are complete! And have a fun little card that looks like you put some real work into it and is different than anything you can find in a shop.

I hope you enjoyed my little tutorial and have fun making a few cards for Halloween! Thank you!!

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Taking a little break…

As many of you may have noticed I haven’t posted in a while. Well I am not writing much right now… because I am working with my husband on a joint project… The Story of Alley the Cat.

He has been journaling our adventures of taking care of a stray kitty, while I have been photographing her… She is the sweetest little lady with 2 kittens and no family. So please check out our little project and let us know what you think…


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I’m gonna be a guest on Topstitch.org!!

Blythe is an amazing dolly! And so are the people who know her! Through a darling friend of mine, EricaDuh I have gotten to know another awesome seamstress, crafter, photographer, blogger – Yoyo. Yoyo’s blog, Topstitch.org is an awesome one and Yoyo has generously asked me to write a tutorial for her site… Not only am I seriously flattered but also EXCITED!!!!

So I’m curious internet friends and peeps… what kind of tutorial would you like to see… dolly related or human? As you all know I am happy to do either! I just love to be behind my sewing machine! So leave me a comment and let me know what you are wanting to see me make, and run over to Yoyo’s site and check it out!

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Happy Easter!!

Just a quick Happy Easter to everyone!!Hope that everyone has a great day!!

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Spring is in the air…

At least in Philly it is… This week we are hitting the 70’s everyday!! A bit odd for March but at least it brings with it some pretty flowers!!




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Just a little re-vamp…

I thought that since it has been almost 2 years on my site that a little re-vamping was needed… So we have an awesome new header with my logo designed my the most awesome Squirrel Junkie… as well as a lovely big link at the top to my shop… Nothing majorly different other than that besides a little internal house keeping. But that is always useful. I do hope you all enjoy and if anyone has comments, concerns or just want to say hi… please do!!

Thank you all for visiting and have a fabulous weekend!!


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70’s Blythe Pantsuits project

As many of you have seen on my Flickr stream recently I have started making pantsuits for Blythe inspired by the 70’s when Blythe was introduced. I’d live to make a total of 40 to celebrate 40 years of Blythe! But I’d also like to make them in colors and pattern you will enjoy! Please leave me a comment or email me and let me know what you’d like to see!


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Will take special orders…


I’ve had a little bit of interest in the pant suit I recently made and just thought I’d put it out there that I would be happy to either make some for my shop or do custom orders. Feel free to comment here or email me for pricing… brasscupcakes@yahoo.com

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Me- Chai, what are you doing?
C- Drinking your hot chocolates from Auntie Stephie to stay warm.
Me- But that’s for me! And what happened to you only changing once a week for your 366?? You don’t have that many outfits!
C- But I couldn’t go to work today in that party dress. It’s freezing out! Now, can you get me a warm up? And maybe a blanket too? Thanks.

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