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Summer Rose dress

I was super thrilled that today was warm enough to wear the dress I just completed yesterday! Hooray for a warm spring happening!

Here is a quick shot I begged a coworker to take this morning of me in my new dress!


The pattern makes the skirt about mid calf length which for me is a bit too long for my short legs, so I did remove 5 inches from the bottom.

Overall I loved how easy it was to adapt for using a knit fabric and skipping the zipper so I do see quite a few of these dresses in my future.

And I think it pairs pretty well with a cardigan for those cooler mornings.



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I’m gonna be a guest on Topstitch.org!!

Blythe is an amazing dolly! And so are the people who know her! Through a darling friend of mine, EricaDuh I have gotten to know another awesome seamstress, crafter, photographer, blogger – Yoyo. Yoyo’s blog, Topstitch.org┬áis an awesome one and Yoyo has generously asked me to write a tutorial for her site… Not only am I seriously flattered but also EXCITED!!!!

So I’m curious internet friends and peeps… what kind of tutorial would you like to see… dolly related or human? As you all know I am happy to do either! I just love to be behind my sewing machine! So leave me a comment and let me know what you are wanting to see me make, and run over to Yoyo’s site and check it out!

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Will take special orders…


I’ve had a little bit of interest in the pant suit I recently made and just thought I’d put it out there that I would be happy to either make some for my shop or do custom orders. Feel free to comment here or email me for pricing… brasscupcakes@yahoo.com

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