More pretty ladies!

So last week I went on a little bit of a pattern bender and found these 5 ladies who all screamed that they needed to be in my collection. And lucky me, they all showed up on the same day! What a treat to open those packages and see how beautiful they are! All of my amazing coworkers drooled over them also since they also sew everyday and all day. The 3 Printed Patterns have not even been taken out of the factory folds yet! I’m so excited to pick out fabrics for these ladies. 

I’ve got a few fabrics on the way, but I haven’t decided which fabric for which dress yet…

Dark grey Chambray

Red/ Black/ Rust plaid lining

Navy challis

Navy/ Red/ White striped lining

The chambray would be better for a structured dress with little pops of the lining showing in the details.  However the challis will be great for draping and the flow of the skirt.  Let me know what you would choose.


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