A New Year and some new projects.

So I know that I don’t use my blog to the best of it’s ability and I only have myself to blame for that. But in my own defense, doing two 365 projects back to back take up a lot of creative energy and more than I could have imagined for also keeping a blog up to date.

So this year I am not doing a 365 days of Blythe project… I am doing a monthly sewing challenge that I am setting for myself.  I will be sewing something for myself, specifically for my own wardrobe every month, while keeping a journal of my design inspirations as well as notes of how I change a pattern, fabrics chosen, etc.  And of course my other goal is to blog about each project.

For January, I chose to sew a dress from a vintage pattern, Advance #8213 which is from the 1950’s. I bought the pattern over a year ago and just had not found the right fabric for it until late fall of 2013 and just now got around to cutting it out and sewing it together.

I chose a black with red pin stripe and then red buttons with a bit of vintage flair to them. I think that this will be quite fun with my red hair.

Buttons! Almost Finished

Now I am ready to start patterning out my next project for February…


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