The Brass Cupcake

I’m happy to announce that on this past Friday the 19th, I received my very own copy of The Brass Cupcake by John Macdonald. If you love the 50’s style noir writing, detective stories or just guys who talk out of the side of their mouth; then this is a book for you.

I started reading it on Saturday on my way to work and finished it on Monday night on the way home. I ride the bus, I don’t drive right now, so this is when the reading happens. It’s a fast paced book, even when fighting against the retro language. I loved it! But I also got to learn what a “real” brass cupcake is, a police badge. I prefer my version.

Last night I also got my jewelry order from Tizzalicious on Etsy!! The most awesome brass cupcake necklace and earrings all the way from Denmark! I should have asked for a longer chain, but thankfully I had a gold rope chain sitting in my jewelry box that I could use.

I have also been furiously working on changing the eye chips in my Blythe clone, Ethel. She’s a Basaak clone; which is one of the better quality clones. Her chips were not only over glued in, but the white if the eye was beveled over the chips. Hubs had to help with drilling her eyes out. Now I am scraping and sanding the remainder of her stock eye chips out. A painful process if you’re a Blythe, so I’ve not let the other girls in the kitchen for fear they won’t let me work on them.


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