A little intro…

A little about me… tomorrow I will have been married for 3 weeks. Although my family doesn’t know that I’m married… here’s the back story. I got engaged to the love of my life September 20th, 2009. He wanted to get married in 10 days, which actually was my fault. I had a dream the previous night that we were engaged and had 10 days to plan my wedding. Sometimes he has a sick sense of humor. So we started planning the wedding, a Day of the Dead, retro wedding picnic. Just a few themes going on there.

We got all the way to January before I gave in to his idea of a courthouse wedding… January 26th, 2010 is our official wedding date, now. But we are still having the Day  of Dead retro wedding picnic. And that is when hubs will get to meet the rest of my family for the first time.  My mom has been out here to visit and has met hubby but the rest of the family hasn’t. The rest of the family consist of:

  • The Duke- my father
  • Babs- my mother
  • Goober- my brother
  • Trina- brother’s fiancée
  • Banana- my niece

These are the people who I will occasionally write about.  As well as the last 3 months and 14 days until the white wedding. We have tons of it done already but a lot still to go and a minuscule budget. Of course I will also be writing about my daily little life here in New Jersey/ Philadelphia. And as I am an avid cook, rarely making things out of a box, there will be recipes too. As well as just my general thoughts about being a bit of a pin-up girl in a modern world. Hope that you enjoy the rambling of a brass cupcake…


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