The wedding… Day 2.

Day two of the wedding started off okay. Matt had to work and I was off. With all the trauma from the night before you would think I was able to get some sleep but I was still up at a reasonable hour. I did the usual routine and got ready for the day. I had some small things still to get ready for the wedding, such as to make my wedding veil. So I sat and had a cup of coffee and did that while checking in with Mom and my cousin Steph at the hotel as well as the hospital. My godmother was still pretty out of it from what we could understand so we were trying to figure out how to get my mother and cousin on to a bus so that they could get in to Philly. This seriously is one of the few times when I actually wish I had a car and a license. But alas they got to understand how it is for me and millions of others to use mass transit.

Of course my mother has no patience and doesn’t listen to what I tell her about bus schedules… so she called a cab. $80 later, she calls me from the hospital in Philadelphia. Thankfully by that time I was already headed in to the city to meet up with my father. I stopped very quickly at the hospital to say hello rescue my cousin from the hospital to go with me to pick up my father and his girlfriend. This was one of the many other stresses living inside of me… my parents have not been in the same room since their divorce was finalized my senior year of high school. Steph and I hopped a cab to cross the city, Dad and Terry were arriving at 30th Street Station in West Philly and I was already running behind from stopping at the hospital. And for the first time in over 24 hours, a form of transit arrived on time! So poor Dad was waiting for me for 30 minutes because traffic in the city on a Friday is retarded, always.

We arrived at the train station and there were hugs! There was no drama!! I was so happy to just hug my dad and not have to call an ambulance!


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  1. Twin Sister Cousin

    For the record….the cousin loves mass transit and didn’t get her license until she was 29.

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