The wedding… Day 1

has now come and gone and thankfully the stress has gone with it. There was no way anyone could have prepared us for the complete roller coaster events that would come with getting married. Let’s start at the beginning… Thursday.

My mother and godmother were due to arrive at 4:15, and were delayed until 4:50pm. My cousin and matron of honor was supposed to be arriving at 5:30, but we had already been informed she was seriously delayed. Upon getting to baggage claim, my godmom stepped outside for a smoke. My mom and I followed so we could figure out what to do about my cousin Steph’s flight being delayed about 5 hours. Damn lightning storms in California. My godmom passed out and fell, hitting her head on the concrete and had a seizure. Thankfully my mom is an emergency room nurse and was there to start caring for her while I ran to get 911 called.

We then cared for my godmom while waiting for the ambulance. The ambulance arrived and we got her and my mom loaded in for the trip to the hospital. The EMT’s told me which hospital she was going to be taken to and at exactly that moment, fiancee Matt arrived for us to head along to the hospital as well. In my shock, I had called him to let him know what was happening, but called the wrong number. Thankfully I called our home instead of calling a stranger.

So Matt and I headed to the hospital to meet up with my mom  and find out what was going on. My mom was very happy with the care that my godmom received at the hospital which made me feel more comfortable. Of course during all of this I was trying to find out when Steph’s flight was going to be arriving. I called the airport to check on this and they said 2 am was her new arrival time. We were hoping that it would be earlier but what can you do. Little did we know that they were lying!!  We stayed at the hospital until my godmother was transferred to their larger trauma center around 10:30 ish and then headed out to New Jersey and food and then a hotel for mom and then back to our house. None of us had eaten much for the day so we stopped in Burlington at The Dolphin Diner, a true NJ diner! While ordering our food, my grandmother called. She lives in Oregon so it was that late for her yet. My cousin had arrived!! A lot earlier than the airline had said she would. She had been texting me to let me know but since my phone had died while at the hospital I had no way of knowing. So using Matt’s phone we texted our way through getting Steph on a shuttle out to the hotel, as it would have meant another 2 hours of driving back and forth just to get everyone in the same place and Matt still had to go to work the next day.

It was an incredibly long day for everyone so we were happy to get home and into our bed around 2 am.


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