I’m such a slacker…

I promised myself that I would write the whole story of our wedding… you can see how far that has got me… to day 2. But I will and just archive it at some point. Right now I’m just too excited about our latest Goodwill find!!

Yesterday Matt and I headed to Goodwill, not because we really were looking for anything in particular, mainly just to browse. Although there are always things that newlyweds need. We’d love a coffee table but aren’t looking to spend tons of course! That and Matt’s favorite tea mug handle broke off the other night. We were both very sad as it was a gift from me on our first Valentine’s together. So we are wandering around through the dish section and spotted a bag  of yellow tea mugs with saucers in it. Then we saw a second bag with the matching dinner plates, bowls and dessert plates. We took a look at the pattern and fell in love with it.

We bought the whole set of the dishes and were excited that all 30 pieces, (it is a service of 6) cost a total of $9.99! We both dream of turning our kitchen into a 70;s dream kitchen. Having been born in the 70’s this is the kind of stuff we grew up with.

It wasn’t until we got home that we learned more about the dishes. They were produced by Mikasa for only 1 year, 1974-1975 designed by Ben Seibel  and are quite the rare item. The official pattern is Mikasa Duplex Duet #2501. From checking ebay and a few other places we have learned that just got about $200- $300 worth of 70’s dishes and all because I like the color yellow and Matt needed a tea mug. Just goes to remind all of us that you can’t forget to check out Goodwill and thrift stores for hard to find items. Now if I could just find a Kenner Blythe at Goodwill.


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  1. Twin Sister Cousin

    Yeah…were is that Kenner…I have traversed two states hunting her down! No luck yet!

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