Resuming Normalcy!

Well it only took a week to recover from Halloween and I am now able to go back to having a normal life!! I hate to say that I despise Halloween because I don’t actually but I do hate how much of my life gets totally screwed by it. After checking my hours I realized that I worked 2 weeks all in the space of one! Yup 70 hours were put in during Halloween week!


So now I am getting back to normal and am enjoying life again!! The good news around our house is this…my darling hubby has found a job!!! He also is starting the day before my birthday!! I really couldn’t ask for a better birthday present! It cracks me up inside because the other day I was talking with one of our Santas at work who knew that my birthday was coming up and asked what I wanted for my birthday…I know that sounds a bit daffy but I work in the costume business so trust me that it is normal. I really wanted to ask Santa to give my husband a job for my birthday but figured that was not really a possibility, so instead I said I wanted some god luck for a change. That night I came home to find out that he had been offered a job in the mail room of one of the larger banks in the area. *sigh* So Santa answered my birthday wish without me even having to say all of the words!!! So yes my dear friends I do believe in Santa!!

Also I have a new little girl who has moved in…

She had a bit of a rocky start here… the day that she moved in… we kind of hit rock bottom financially so she immediately had to go up for adoption again. But we lucked out and now that we see a light at the end of the tunnel, she gets to stay!! I adopted her from Carmen, a wonderful Twitter/Flickr Blythe friend! She was customized by Val… who also did my Sydney, and has a haircut by Squirrel Junkie. So life is again getting back to normal around here… and we are all feeling a bit better now that Halloween is over and we can see the light at the end of the tunnel… If you have an idea for a name for my new little one… please leave a comment!


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