A Cupcake A Day

I’ve always admired people who could do a 365 photography project. To have the time and commitment to dedicate to one shot a day, while it may not seem like much to some people, it does to me. Especially because I am not satisfied with just snapping a quick pic of one of my girls and uploading it. I don’t photo shop but I do try to have a dialogue with my photos. My dollies each have a personality and a lot to say.

So this is the year I’m attempting it!! I started on my birthday without really telling anyone. No build up, therefore no anticipation and no let down for failure.

I couldn’t chose just one of my girls to spend the entire year with… Mainly because I don’t have a “favorite.” So it’s one cupcake per day to journal my 32nd year on this planet.

I hope you enjoy the sweets!


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  1. Steph!

    I am LOVING that you are doing “a cupcake a day”…makes me want to steal your idea, for my 42 year on the planet!!! I am sure you would never know all the little details a picture tells about your day…it makes me feel so much closer!!!

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