Busy, busy, busy

The launch of my etsy shop has been a pretty good success! I hope that everyone has checked it out! I’m trying to update it at least every 2 weeks with new items! We’ll see how that goes with my busiest month of the year coming up at work!

Yes, my dear readers… For those who didn’t know, I run a professional costume shop! Which means from now until November I will be crazy busy with Halloween! So if you don’t hear from me on twitter or flickr fir the next 5 weeks, it’s because I’m buried under a mountain of costumes!

Once I survive this I do hope to go back to posting on a regular basis… At least I have good intentions! So hope you are all well and see you on the flip side!


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One response to “Busy, busy, busy

  1. Twin Sister Cousin

    I will come dig you out…if the mountain gets too big!!!

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