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This one is for Alissia

Through the world of Blythe and Flickr I have met a ton of amazing people… a few of them in person and many not, but this has never affected the relationship built between us. Months ago an amazing photographer milk & kisses told us about her niece, Alissia who was struggling with being sick. It was right before Alissia’s 3rd birthday we found out it was brain cancer. Alissia now needs a stem cell transplant.

I feel for this family and for Alissia, who shares the same birthday as me. In my own family we have gone through 3 separate brain surgeries… my mother had 2 when I turned 13 years old for a cyst at the base of her spinal cord blocking fluids… and my brother had his surgery 5 years ago for an aneurysm. I know how scary this can be, so I feel strongly about helping when and where you can.

Here is what I ask… please visit the site her family has set up for her IF you can donate… and if not, bare minimum please keep her in your prayers.



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Get Crafty & Pay It Forward…

I have been blessed with meeting many crafty intelligent people through the Blythe hobby… so I want to give something back to the world out there…

Pay it Forward 2011: As an arty- sewing type I promise to send something handmade to the first 5 people who leave a comment here. They must in turn post this & send something they make to the first 5 people who comment on their status. *Rules: it must be handmade by you & it must be sent to your 5 people sometime in 2011.

As people comment on the photo on Flickr I will post their names here and blog about the craft items I make. My goal is to not just make 5 identical items, but to tailor each piece to the individual… We shall see how this goes!

1. Wendy- SimplyMinty

2. Abigail Warach- Abigail’s Knits and PieFairyPrincess

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A Cupcake A Day

I’ve always admired people who could do a 365 photography project. To have the time and commitment to dedicate to one shot a day, while it may not seem like much to some people, it does to me. Especially because I am not satisfied with just snapping a quick pic of one of my girls and uploading it. I don’t photo shop but I do try to have a dialogue with my photos. My dollies each have a personality and a lot to say.

So this is the year I’m attempting it!! I started on my birthday without really telling anyone. No build up, therefore no anticipation and no let down for failure.

I couldn’t chose just one of my girls to spend the entire year with… Mainly because I don’t have a “favorite.” So it’s one cupcake per day to journal my 32nd year on this planet.

I hope you enjoy the sweets!

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Resuming Normalcy!

Well it only took a week to recover from Halloween and I am now able to go back to having a normal life!! I hate to say that I despise Halloween because I don’t actually but I do hate how much of my life gets totally screwed by it. After checking my hours I realized that I worked 2 weeks all in the space of one! Yup 70 hours were put in during Halloween week!


So now I am getting back to normal and am enjoying life again!! The good news around our house is this…my darling hubby has found a job!!! He also is starting the day before my birthday!! I really couldn’t ask for a better birthday present! It cracks me up inside because the other day I was talking with one of our Santas at work who knew that my birthday was coming up and asked what I wanted for my birthday…I know that sounds a bit daffy but I work in the costume business so trust me that it is normal. I really wanted to ask Santa to give my husband a job for my birthday but figured that was not really a possibility, so instead I said I wanted some god luck for a change. That night I came home to find out that he had been offered a job in the mail room of one of the larger banks in the area. *sigh* So Santa answered my birthday wish without me even having to say all of the words!!! So yes my dear friends I do believe in Santa!!

Also I have a new little girl who has moved in…

She had a bit of a rocky start here… the day that she moved in… we kind of hit rock bottom financially so she immediately had to go up for adoption again. But we lucked out and now that we see a light at the end of the tunnel, she gets to stay!! I adopted her from Carmen, a wonderful Twitter/Flickr Blythe friend! She was customized by Val… who also did my Sydney, and has a haircut by Squirrel Junkie. So life is again getting back to normal around here… and we are all feeling a bit better now that Halloween is over and we can see the light at the end of the tunnel… If you have an idea for a name for my new little one… please leave a comment!

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The Brass Cupcake is now on Etsy!!

Not that the world needs another Blythe related Etsy shop, but I have had so many requests from people I have gifted items to for a shop to be opened, that I just couldn’t ignore it anymore! So for your buying and viewing pleasure I have opened up a shop!

At my Etsy you will be able to find all handmade items by me such as dresses, knit hats and most importantly Blythe carry bags! I would love it if you would stop by, check out the items I have up and make a purchase if you are so inclined!

Here are some examples of the items you will find available:

I do hope that you will stop by! I’m always open to custom orders so please let me know if there is anything I can make for you!

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I am beyond excited that my original Blythe, the very first girl that I ever held in my hands, is coming home!! She has been off at the spa getting her makeup done and a few other special touches done by the talented Catie- Wispylickins.There is so much that has changed around our house. While Liv was away, she got a new sister! So I’m sure that there will be some adjusting done once she gets here. Thanks again to Catie for making her such a pretty girl!

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Factory Girl Arrives!

I was super excited to say the least that this Wednesday at work a new girl came in through the front door and asked if she could be mine… Her name is Siobhan, and here is the little one after a few hair treatments, gaze correction and sleep eyes.

As for the overall quality of the factory/ prototype blythes… As I only adopted 1 girl I can only compare her to my Takaras and my Basaak clone.

The factory girl is almost perfection, she has some strange configuration to her thatching/ rooting. The part line looks good but the back of the crown is a little sparse. My Ivy (Simply Peppermint) has amazingly thick hair. And while Liv (Cousin Olivia) has long hair, it isn’t as thick.

Siobhan’s body is a standard Takara body which matches well. She will truely be loved as a Brasscupcake.

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The plunge…

So I have taken it… the plunge to purchase Blythe #5 and what I say will be my last one… at least to keep in the house. The limit shall be 5 at one time. If there is another girl who sparks my interest, then I will have to adopt out one of the current girls.  So this is the girl I am currently waiting on…

My wonderful twitter friend, duherica, posted the link for her, which was amazing to me… mainly because I had been about to email her seller asking her to post her on eBay so that I could purchase her. But as fate had decided, she was already up there. Now as many of you know… Blythes are not cheap. But she was!! A grand total of $65 plus shipping. I am seriously hoping there isn’t much wrong with her when she gets here. She has been shipped and now I am just waiting for my little redhead.

Here are some more shots of the little lovely.

I get the impression that she is Irish… so therefore needs an Irish name…. I’ve got a few ideas but would love some help here.

1. Logan- One of my family’s names a few generations back.

2. Moira- Just have always loved this one.

3. Maeve- A major Queen in Celtic mythology.

If anyone has ideas for this… leave me a comment! I would love to hear what y’all have to say on my new little one!

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