This one is for Alissia

Through the world of Blythe and Flickr I have met a ton of amazing people… a few of them in person and many not, but this has never affected the relationship built between us. Months ago an amazing photographer milk & kisses told us about her niece, Alissia who was struggling with being sick. It was right before Alissia’s 3rd birthday we found out it was brain cancer. Alissia now needs a stem cell transplant.

I feel for this family and for Alissia, who shares the same birthday as me. In my own family we have gone through 3 separate brain surgeries… my mother had 2 when I turned 13 years old for a cyst at the base of her spinal cord blocking fluids… and my brother had his surgery 5 years ago for an aneurysm. I know how scary this can be, so I feel strongly about helping when and where you can.

Here is what I ask… please visit the site her family has set up for her IF you can donate… and if not, bare minimum please keep her in your prayers.



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2 responses to “This one is for Alissia

  1. Thank you Jen! All of are so touched by your kindness and generosity!

  2. Prayers go out to her and her family!!

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