Calling all Customizers and Craftsters!

Dearest Blythe Friends,

Many of you know Rob & Sioux, FroggyMonkey, Wendy of tinysea and Michelle from They and myself have been working on a plan to help Rob’s niece Alissia who is fighting a rare form of brain cancer and just had a stem cell transplant. Her family needs your help to cover the mounting medical costs of her care.

Do you want to help us out?? Are you a Blythe customizer?? Do you make awesome hats, dresses, or Blythe accessories? Then you can help us. We are looking for a customizer to donate their services as well as craftsters and artisans to donate hand made items for an auction to raise funds to be donated to Alissia’s family to cover their mounting medical expenses.

If you’re not the crafty kind, you can still help! We will also be accepting items such as nib re-ment, etc. Or if you’d like to make a monetary donation, please check out her parents’ as well as to keep up to date on her progress.

If you are interested in donating your skills, you may leave us a comment on our website which we have set up for the auction or you may contact any of us via Blythe Kingdom.

Thank you.



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One response to “Calling all Customizers and Craftsters!

  1. Steph!

    You have a heart of gold, sister!

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