One of my favorite recipes…

As a kid my mom made our own cereals; my brother is allergic to artificial colors, flavors and preservatives,  anything bought at the store was out of the question for us. As a money saving tool as well as for health reasons, I asked my mom for the recipe months ago and was graced with the cookbook she used; the More- With-Less Cookbook by Doris Janzen Longacre.

One of my many favorite things about my mom is how she has always written notes in her cookbooks to record her life. She first tried the Simple Granola recipe on 12-15-1981 when I was just 3 years old… I made a batch this afternoon with a few substitutes that came out pretty awesome. Instead of 1 cup of honey, I used 1 cup of maple syrup from a family friends farm in Michigan with 1 package of broken walnuts…

All of the additional notes she wrote in were for tracking our sodium intake… My mother is a nurse and has always been very health conscious, which thankfully did pass down to me.


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  1. Steph!

    I thought this was “more with less” …. She bought a copy for grandma – who gave it to me about a decade ago (I have a small cook book problem)….we could cook “twin” recipes!

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