Factory Girl Arrives!

I was super excited to say the least that this Wednesday at work a new girl came in through the front door and asked if she could be mine… Her name is Siobhan, and here is the little one after a few hair treatments, gaze correction and sleep eyes.

As for the overall quality of the factory/ prototype blythes… As I only adopted 1 girl I can only compare her to my Takaras and my Basaak clone.

The factory girl is almost perfection, she has some strange configuration to her thatching/ rooting. The part line looks good but the back of the crown is a little sparse. My Ivy (Simply Peppermint) has amazingly thick hair. And while Liv (Cousin Olivia) has long hair, it isn’t as thick.

Siobhan’s body is a standard Takara body which matches well. She will truely be loved as a Brasscupcake.


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