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The plunge…

So I have taken it… the plunge to purchase Blythe #5 and what I say will be my last one… at least to keep in the house. The limit shall be 5 at one time. If there is another girl who sparks my interest, then I will have to adopt out one of the current girls.  So this is the girl I am currently waiting on…

My wonderful twitter friend, duherica, posted the link for her, which was amazing to me… mainly because I had been about to email her seller asking her to post her on eBay so that I could purchase her. But as fate had decided, she was already up there. Now as many of you know… Blythes are not cheap. But she was!! A grand total of $65 plus shipping. I am seriously hoping there isn’t much wrong with her when she gets here. She has been shipped and now I am just waiting for my little redhead.

Here are some more shots of the little lovely.

I get the impression that she is Irish… so therefore needs an Irish name…. I’ve got a few ideas but would love some help here.

1. Logan- One of my family’s names a few generations back.

2. Moira- Just have always loved this one.

3. Maeve- A major Queen in Celtic mythology.

If anyone has ideas for this… leave me a comment! I would love to hear what y’all have to say on my new little one!


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