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Blythe Ambassador

For you who know me well, you know that I carry one of my Blythes with me every single day, along with my camera. But for the people I encounter everyday, many of them do not have a clue about my girls. This morning, I had Sydney with me, my ADG Effluo custom girly… who has quite the attitude! ¬†Since it is a dreary rainy day here, and I had promised Syd a few pics today, I pulled her out of my bag while on the bus to work to snap a quick pic from my phone. That was when it happened… all of the ladies around me on the bus started nudging each other and pointing!! At me! Or rather I should say at Syd!

As my fellow Blythe friends know, I have converted quite a few people onto Blythe fanatics… so here we go again! I told the ladies the story of Blythe and about her history, as well as about my meager collection. Most of the ladies just smiled and nodded, I’m sure thinking that I am a bit of a nutter! But one lady was absolutely interested as she held Syd and snapped pics herself with her phone. I explained that most Blythes spend their time harassing their humans to take photos of them and that we post them to Flickr. This prompted her to ask for my Flickr info… which I gave her on one of my Moo cards. As we pulled in to Philadelphia, the group of ladies made my promise to show them each one of my girls, including Trixie my newest addition, a 5StarDoll Lura ball jointed doll.

So yet again, I have found that no matter who you are or how old you are, Blythe can and will win the hearts of everyone she meets. 

Here is the pics I took which made all the ladies start asking about Blythe and getting to know a little bit more about me.


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