Just a little re-vamp…

I thought that since it has been almost 2 years on my site that a little re-vamping was needed… So we have an awesome new header with my logo designed my the most awesome Squirrel Junkie… as well as a lovely big link at the top to my shop… Nothing majorly different other than that besides a little internal house keeping. But that is always useful. I do hope you all enjoy and if anyone has comments, concerns or just want to say hi… please do!!

Thank you all for visiting and have a fabulous weekend!!



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3 responses to “Just a little re-vamp…

  1. Mom

    In case you don’t check FB, daisies are so pretty especially on a snowy day!

  2. Mom

    I see you got a postcard from Sea Lion Caves…Stephie! Glad she was able to see John.

  3. Mom

    What’s with the M & Ms?

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